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  1. Re: Who's been saltwater fly fishing? The Tropics

    I have been taking groups to the tropical salt water for over 30 years.

    Mostly fly fishing in shallow flats and inshore waters.

    Christmas Island, Belize, Mexican Yucatan, Baja, Cuba,...
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    Re: sunday 2 24 verona

    I think April/May is the timing for the big Striper spawning migration up the Sacramento River towards Colusa, CA.

    Tons of folks will be on the Sacramento and Feather Rivers in boats north of...
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    Re: Top 5 Flies For California Stripers

    Well done Alex.....

    Number one selling fly for Stripers in the Delta and Nor Cal rivers at our fly shop in Sacramento is the #2/0 Chartreuse and white Clouser minnow or a home grown variation of...
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