Passed on the Pyramid opener. I figured that the second day would be a little less trying.
I arrived at Blockhouse at 0800. Talked to a regular named Scott and he said that the beach had been slow. I went down and fished just to the left of the ramp. Fished for an hour and saw only two fish caught. Both by me and both chubs. Next I went up to Pelican and took a look. The ramp is in good shape. The parking lot was full of boat trailers. Few were fishing from the shore. The Camping pads were about 75% full. The weather was mild with light winds from the north. There were showers around mostly north of Suttcliff. Warmer water has the shore bite down but the boat guys are killing them both with jigs and trolling. The lake level is down a couple of feet from the spring. Saw some good size bait balls along the shore to the south but the trout were leaving them alone. On my way back home I stopped by for a visit with LineStretcher. Steve showed me around his Man Cave. All indications point to an excellent Fest. See you all in a couple of weeks.


Sunrise on Hwy. 50


All That Would Hit

Rain North of Pelican

Launch is Excellent


Steve's Man Cave