I've never paid much attention to reel servicing, but my trusty Daiwa 1300C needs it. I have all Daiwa reels, so it makes it easy. I've found LOTS of folk who make parts to keep these old beauties (Daiwa Silver Series is world-renowned) working as they should. I've done my 700C already, new bearing and drag washer. Like new.

My recently acquired 2600C need nothing as far as I can tell, they're in GREAT shape but I'll look to see if they need oil/grease. My wife's 2600C needs new drag washers (ordered). Her 1300c is in perfect shape. Again, just a little inspection to determine if lubrication is needed. Her ultralight reels are newer and I haven't had the need to get into them.

Learning to do new things (and avoid $100/hr labor charges) is something I love to do. Hey, I rebuilt an aircraft engine without help (signed off by my IA), I should be able to handle a spinning reel.